Urinary Catheter Removal

You have been or may be discharged from the hospital with a urinary catheter. These tubes (usually called ""Foley"", named after the inventor) are used to drain the urinary bladder of urine normally stored in the bladder. Your physician can explain the reasons for the catheter's use and its expected length of stay.

In certain circumstances we will suggest that the catheter be removed by yourself at home. The thought of doing something 'medical' may be frightening to some. However, removing the catheter is quite easy and with no serious risks. Normally this is done early in the morning during a weekday. The reason for this is that if you are unable to urinate after removal of the catheter, we will still be in the office to assist you.

To remove the catheter you must understand the construction of the catheter


The catheter is a hollow tube with a hole on each end. A side arm can be seen on the catheter and this allows a small balloon to be filled in the bladder so that the catheter does not fall out.


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